Secuda Handheld Metal Detector

Secuda Handheld Metal Detector

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handheld body search detectors, which we meet in many places such as airports, public institutions, business centers, shopping malls, hotels, social activity areas, prisons and municipalities, continue to become increasingly widespread. Body search detectors do not harm human health. SECUDA metal body search detectors are an outstanding brand with reports that it does not harm pregnant women.

Door detectors have various models according to their scanning zones and their sensitivity. If there is a metal on the person who passes through the magnetic walkthough detector, the device finds where the metal is hidden on the passing person’s body, and the security guard detects the metal by conducting a more precise scan with the hand-held metal body search detector.

Secuda Handheld Metal Detector CRX

When a metal is approached, the small metal parts are taken very closely and the large metal parts (gun, knife, etc.) are remotely alarmed and lighted (red led).

  • – Operating Frequency: 22 KHZ
  • – Operating Voltage: 9 V,
  • – Dimensions: 410mm, 85mm, 45mm,
  • – Weight : 409 gr,
  • – It gives warning with alarm during metal detection,
  • – Audible, illuminated and vibrating warning,
  • – Sound and light warning in low battery,
  • – Ability to adjust sensitivity,
  • – Rechargeable (Optional)
  • – Leather cover, easy to use
  • – Ergonomic and robust design

Secuda Handheld Metal Detector Advantages;

  • – High Sensitivity and Selectivity
  • – Wide Scan Area
  • – Easy to use
  • – Auto-frequency Locking
  • – Advanced technology
  • – Portable and Comfortable Cover
  • – Ni-Mh Battery (Rechargeable)
  • – Vibration (Standard)


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