SECUDA SEC650 X-Ray Machine

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SECUDA SEC650 X-Ray Machine


SECUDA SEC650 X-Ray Machine Spec’s

  • Ability to specify security level for belt buckles, coins, keys, knives, guns ,bombs and other explosive.
  • When operated with high precision, even small metal objects will be subject to alarm
  • Remote controlled and adjustable by remote control
  • The most suitable passing alarm can be set with different sensitivity levels.
  • Resistant to water and fire.
  • The interference  balancer sets the metal density around when it first opens and does not recognize them again.
  • The number of people passing through and the number of alarms can be shown on the screen.
  • Provides  GB 15210-1994 international general technical conditions.
  • It is comply with GB4793 Basic security and NILECJ-0601 Personal safety standards
  • When the metal approaches, it alerts by sounding and lighting on the screen. It detects  the exact location of the metal whether it is on the right, left, or middle section
  • Alarm volume can be adjusted.
  • There is a security password for the log in of  LCD screen settings menu.
  • Working Temperature:  in between  -20 C + 70 C with humidity ≤ 95%
  • Working voltage is 220V / 110V AC, frequency is 50 / 60Hz and power is 35VA
  • The dimensions are approximately 2230x820x630mm.
  • Weight : 65 kg.
  • Using SECUDA detector with sensitive metal detection technology is not harmful to heartbeat, pregnant ladies, magnetic software, tapes and video tapes.
  • It takes only 10 minutes to install or uninstall.
  • 18 zones walkthrough metal  detector


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