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BR 2040 / BR 2060 بوابات إلكترونية موديل

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  IP 65 يتحمل العوامل الجوية

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We speak about quality living, in all of the world’s languages.
CAME has nourished people’s needs for over 60 years by using technology as a key to a quality life. All our projects and ideas drive our innovation and focus to make people’s lives as comfortable as possible. This is where our company’s skills and experience come into play. We know how to blend the functionality and design that drives our excellent performance. It’s about knowing that you can count on professionals able to shape our innovations into solutions. It’s about customizing proposals for automation and integrating them with the cutting-edge of connectivity and mobile technology.
CAME and partners strive together to satisfy our ever-more-demanding and culturally diverse customer-base, with its varying needs for transforming their living space into much more intelligent, and safer homes.

Always one step ahead
We are a leading brand in the design of integrated solutions for automation, video door entry, access control and public and private parking facilities. Over time, the group has incorporated highly specialised companies, which have allowed us to broaden our horizons and provide cutting-edge solutions for the residential, business and urban sectors, including home automation, temperature control, road barriers, high security bollards, sectional garage doors and industrial doors. Today, we have a single, unique vision which makes us an innovative and reliable technological partner.