Came Ozak Turnstile VP125

OZAK بوابات إلكترونية من إنتاج شركة

Came Ozak Turnstile VP125التي تعد أكبر شركة فى تركيا فى تصنيع أنظمة البوابات الإلكترونية

والحاصلة على أعلى شهادات الجودة في هذا المجال

Came Ozak Turnstile VP125 بوابات إلكترونية موديل

 -: المواصفات الفنية

مصنعة من الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ

ومزود بجانب من الأكريليك المقوى ضد الكسر

تعمل على كهرباء 220 فولت

 IP 54 تتحمل العوامل الجوية

 RS232/RS485/TCP IP متوافقة مع أنظمة التحكم المختلفة مثل

يحتوى على وضع الطوارئ بنظام الخروج الأمن فى حالة الطوارئ او انقطاع التيار الكهربائي

 يعمل بطريقة ثنائية في الإتجاهين

We speak about quality living, in all of the world's languages.
CAME has nourished people’s needs for over 60 years by using technology as a key to a quality life.

All our projects and ideas drive our innovation and focus to make people’s lives as comfortable as possible.

This is where our company’s skills and experience come into play. We know how to blend the functionality and design that drives our excellent performance.

Technical Features
Body Features 304-grade (opt. 316-grade) stainless steel with orbital brushed matt (opt. satin brushed) surfaced.
Wing Features Available in 450 or 900 mm standard lengths. Ø33,7 mm x 1,5 mm 304-grade stainless steel wing frame with acrylic panel.
Power Requirements 110/220-240 V. 60/50 Hz. AC (%±10) 24 V. DC at standby ~11 W. max. ~65 W.
Control System
All inputs are opto-coupler protected. Compatible with all access control systems that provide dry contact or grounding outputs.
Optional RS232/RS485/TCP IP control module is available.
Operation Electronically controlled DC motor driven bi-directional system.
Flow Rate Wing opening / closing time ~1,5 - 2,5 sec.
Emergency Mode System allows free passage in emergency mode and in case of power failure.
Operation Temperature,
Humidity,IP Rating
-20°C to +68°C (Opt. -50°C with heater unit), RH 95% non-condensing / IP 54 outdoor model. (Opt. IP 56 )
Optional Accessories
and Applications
Remote control units, interface unit for PC, RS485, RS232 and LAN, counter, audio-messaging system, alarm sensor, heater positive unit,

coin slot/intelligent coin system and coin box, card reader pole, pipe barrier (separator), bottom plate.