740 - 741 sliding gate operator

The 740-741 operators are ideal for residential sliding gates with max weight of 500kg (740) and 900kg (741).

  • A gearmotor with built in electronic equipment and securing plate automates both new and existing sliding gates.
  • The electronic equipment inside the gearmotor facilitates and speeds up installation at a lower cost.
  • The control board enclosure has a “rotation” facility which helps with electrical wiring.
  • Anti-crushing protection is ensured by a control board directly controlling drive torque.
  • For extra safety an efficient obstacle detector is available.
  • The control board is simply programmed via 3 push buttons making set up at installation an easy process.
  • An internal protection housing covers the control board preventing damage from insects and moisture.
  • As the gearmotor is non reversing, no electric locks need be installed.
  • In the event of a power failure, a release device protected by a customised key allows manual operation of the gates.

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C721 Sliding gate operator

The C721 is a sliding gate operator for residential or light commercial applications for gates with a max weight of up to 800kg.

  • New mobile-axis reduction principle.
  • Exceptionally high mechanical performance >80%.
  • Electronic control unit with anti-crushing device and virtual encoder with reverse on obstacle detection function.
  • Magnetic limit switches.
  • Master-slave configuration available

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844 R Reversible sliding gates operator

The 844 R operator is for sliding gates with max weight 1000kg.

  • The FAAC 844 R motor is reversible: when no power is supplied to the motor, the sliding leaf can be moved manually.
  • An electric lock must be installed to maintain the gate in a closed position.
  • The special twin-disk anti-crushing clutch enables thrust adjustment from 0 to 68 daN.
  • Constant, complete oil-bath lubrication of mechanical components plus a high resistance pressure cast aluminium body ensure a long operating life.
  • Thanks to the reliability of FAAC technology, maintenance is minimised.

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