• Overview

We manufacture solutions for a large variety of clients, from government and financial institutions to universities and premier social networks. A rich feature set allows us to tailor our offerings for specific requirements.  Having interlocking product lines allows us to satisfy a wide spectrum of budgets and system sizes while always providing an expansion path for our clients.

  • Industries
  • Medical

From hospitals to pharmaceutical manufacturers to individual elder care institutions and large scale healthcare networks our clients enjoy security and flexibility provided by our products

Apartment buildings, condominiums and gated communities benefit from our easy to manage security solutions that allow scalability from a single building with elevator control to comprehensively secured collection of properties centrally administered by a large management company.

Jewelry Trade

Gaming Industry


Grade school, high school, colleges and universities.

Military, national, fire stations, museums.

  • Law Enforcement

Courts, police, correctional facilities.

  • Financial

Banks, publishers and information providers.

  • Manufacturing

Aircraft, chemicals, automotive and many, many more.

  • Transportation

Airports, railroads, subway and metro lines, bus depots.