Intelligent Video Surveillance System Solution

IntelliSight is an application software matched with embedded network surveillance devices launched by ANVIZ. It can be used with DVR, NVR, IPC, DVS, network storage etc. Thanks to IntelliSight, you can easily view live video and dynamic information anywhere in the world over the network, to realize the control and management to the entire security surveillance system.

Research and development of IntelliSight emphasizes the simplicity of use and intuition to operate, to ensure everyone can effectively manage events and export HD video quickly.

IntelliSight supports all standard PCs and find cameras and NVRs on the network automatically. The setup wizard will guide every step, which enables the system will operate normally within a few minutes.


● Application in local area network and wide area network support up to 64 channel live view
● E-map function
● Remote configuration for ANVIZ devices
● User permission management
● Manages alarms and Logs