Consisting of Access Server, Access Manager and Remote Monitor, Access Manager Pro is a solution for control and monitoring of terminal/user. It organizes a single network of maximum 2,000 terminals for control, and authentication at server through its own DB, and promotes the convenience of users by registration or monitoring of users at places without server by the supply of remote control function.


- Integrated Monitoring
- Multifactor Authentication
- Effective User/Group Management
- Additional Features
- Load Balancing
- Remote Control


System Configuration:


Component AccessServer / AccessManager / DBMS
Max. Accessing Terminal 2,000 EA
Max. Remote Client 16
OS Windows 2000 or higher
Max. User 100,000 User (in the server)
DBMS MS SQLMS SQL 2000 or higher,
MS SQL Express 2005 or higher



AccessServer CPU Core2 Duo E8400 3GHz higher PentiumⅣ 2G higher
RAM Usable Memory 1G higher Usable Memory 1G higher
OS XP, Win2000/2003 XP, Win2000/2003
AccessManager CPU Dual Core higher PentiumⅣ 2G higher
RAM Useful Memory 200M higher Useful Memory 100M higher
OS Win XP / 2000 /2003 Win XP / 2000 /2003