Idemia MorphoManger Access Control

Seamless integration of biometrics and access control

MorphoManager Public Security

Combined with Morpho biometric terminals, MorphoManager provides a seamless, comprehensive solution for Access Control and Time & Attendance applications.

It offers easy configuration, group-based settings, centralized management and detailed reporting.

Idemia MorphoManager


Enroll fingerprint, finger vein/print and 3D facial templates in a single system

Manage up to 100,000 users and 5,000 biometric terminals

Encode MIFARE®, DESFire® and iClass® smartcards

Use as standalone application or integrated with leading access control platforms

Enroll fingerprint


Idemia MorphoManger Access Control Features


Manage up to 100,000 users in database.

Enroll demographics, photo, fingerprint/finger vein data (up to 10 fingers) and 3D face data.

Maximize data acquisition quality and overall biometric system performance using sensors, coding algorithms and enrollment processes designed by the World #1 in biometrics.

Allocate Operator roles and privileges.

Define User access time slots and group assignment.

Encode MIFARE®, DESFire® and iClass® contactless cards.

Print identity cards from customizable templates.



Save time and money with reduced setup time, intuitive interface and field-proven workflows.

Single PC or advanced Client/Server configuration.

MorphoManager includes powerful integration into the following leading access control platforms(1):

- ABC Financial DataTrak

- AMAG Symmetry

- Apollo APACS

- Blackboard Transact

- Brivo ACS

- Cisco CPAM

- ControlSoft Identity Access, Lite/Pro


- Entry-Master

- Galaxy Control Systems

- GE / UTC Picture Perfect

- Honeywell WIN-PAK (SE/PE), Pro-Watch

- Identicard Premisys

- Infinias Intelli-M

- Inner Range Integriti

- Johnson Controls P2000

- Kantech Entrapass

- Keyscan System VII

- Lenel OnGuard

- Maxxess eFusion

- Open Options DNA Fusion

- Paxton Net2

- S2 Netbox

- Schneider Electric Continuum

- Siemens SiPass

- Software House C-Cure 9000



Connect and configure up to 5,000 biometric readers via LAN, WAN or Wi-Fi.

Integrate multiple biometric modalities (fingerprint, finger vein and face) and multiple recognition factors (biometrics, card and PIN) in a single system.

Group terminals according to security perimeters within the installation.

Select conventional access control mode or advanced time & attendance features Set Wiegand or closed contact output.



Technical specifications


- Processor: Dual core CPU

- RAM: 4 GB

- Ports: 3 USB ports (USB 3.0 required for MorphoWave


- Network: 100Mbs Ethernet port required for client/server


- Camera: any USB webcam


- Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10 (client: 32/64 bit, server: 64 bit)

- Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 / 2012 / 2012 R2 (client/

server: 64 bit)


- SQL Server (2005 or later)

- SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0