Waist Height Turnstile TP201

Came Ozak Tripod TP201S

CameOzak Tripod Turnstile

OZAK   بوابات إلكترونية من إنتاج شركة 

التي تعد أكبر شركة فى تركيا فى تصنيع أنظمة البوابات الإلكترونية

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TP201 بوابات إلكترونية موديل

 -: المواصفات الفنية

مصنعة من الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ

ومزود بجانب من الأكريليك المقوى ضد الكسر

تعمل على كهرباء 220 فولت

 IP 54 تتحمل العوامل الجوية

 RS232/RS485/TCP IP متوافقة مع أنظمة التحكم المختلفة مثل

يحتوى على وضع الطوارئ بنظام الخروج الأمن فى حالة الطوارئ او انقطاع التيار الكهربائي

 يعمل بطريقة ثنائية في الإتجاهين

Power Requirements : 110/220V. 60/50Hz. AC (%±10) 24V.DC at standby ~11W.max. ~60W.
Dimensions : 1040 x 250 (+ arm length 470) x955mm
Arms : Single-sided Ø40mmx2mm 304-Grade (Opt. 316-Grade) Stainless steel (Opt. anodized hard aluminium). Arms can be dismantled or mounted one by one separately.
Body Features : 304-Grade (Opt. 316-Grade) Stainless steel brushed (Opt. Satin) surface protected against water for outdoors use, with flat and angular top lid versions.
Indicator Features : Green Arrow & Red Cross LED standard direction indicators.
Operating Temperature, Humidity, IP Rating, MCBF: -20°C - +68°C (Opt. -50°C with heater unit) / RH 95% non-condensing / IP 54 Outdoor Model (Opt. IP 56) / 1M Cycles

Control System : All inputs are opto-coupler protected .Controlled by dry contact or grounding input. Compatible with all access control systems that provide dry contact or grounding outputs.

Optional RS232/RS485/TCP IP control module is available.
Operation : Bi-directional passage, manually (Opt. Motorized) operated system.
Output Data :The system provides dry contact passage feedback by relays.
Emergency Mode : (Standard: Fail Safe); in case of power failure or emergency, the arms rotate freely to allow rapid passage (Opt. Fail Secure).
Flow Rate : Passage Capacity of Mechanism (Manual System): Max. 97/minute Nominal ~41 passages/minute (Recommended reference figure)

 Explanatory Notes:
- The above given figures are approximate for one person per walkway or lane.
- The system allows the new passage authorization in less than ~0,3 seconds. After the passage authorization, the total passage time depends on the pushing and passage speed of the people.
- Utilization of different access control units can change the flow rate.
Standard Features : Direction indicators on sides, cut-out and acrylic cover for card reader mounting (when requested at the time of purchase order).
Optional Accessory and Applications:
Remote control units, interface unit for PC, RS485, RS232 and LAN, counter, audio-messaging system, motor driven unit, automatic drop (retractable) arm, alarm sensor, heater positive unit, coin slot/intelligent coin system and coin box, card reader pole, pipe barrier (Separator), base plate, customized top covers to accommodate various accessories