SECUDA SEC200 Metal Detection

SECUDA SEC 200 WALKTHROUGH BODY SEARCHING METAL DETECTOR Secuda SEC200 Metal Detection Body Searching Metal  Detector is used to detect possible metal objects on people and prevent possible dangerous situations. Having the world’s most advanced digital metal detection, the SEC200 has a wide range of applications.
يستخدم SECUDA SEC200 Metal Detection للكشف عن الأشياء المعدنية المحتملة على الأشخاص ومنع المواقف الخطرة المحتملة.
بعد أن تم الكشف عن المعادن الرقمية الأكثر تطوراً في العالم ، فإن SEC 200 لديها مجموعة واسعة من التطبيقات.
This detector, which is 100% safe without exception, can alert both with sound and light at the same time. 24/7 can run safely without any pause and has a superior anti-interference feature. With the control point you can adjust the sensitivity of this detector working with digital metal detection.
هذا الكاشف ، وهو آمن بنسبة 100 ٪ دون استثناء ، يمكن تنبيه كل من الصوت والضوء في نفس الوقت.
يمكن أن تعمل 24/7 بأمان دون أي توقف ، ولها ميزة مكافحة التدخل متفوقة.
من خلال نقطة التحكم ، يمكنك ضبط حساسية هذا الكاشف من خلال العمل باستخدام الكشف الرقمي عن المعادن.
SEC 200, which allows even objects such as paper clips, coins and belt buckles to be detected, can be reduced the sensitivity setting so that it does not give an unnecessary alarm when detecting such objects.
SEC 200 ، الذي يسمح حتى بالكشف عن كائنات مثل مشابك الورق والعملات وأبازيم الحزام.
.يمكن تقليل إعداد الحساسية بحيث لا يعطي إنذارًا غير ضروري عند اكتشاف هذه الكائنات
The door-type body searching metal detector with detection range 100 sensitivity can be set manually between 0 and 99. In addition, the metal objects can be detected according to their location and their location can be determined and divided into 6 common (overlapping) detection zones. It can be used in airports, shopping malls, plazas, hospitals, police stations, customs and prisons, exhibition centers, banks, luxury sites and houses. SEC 200 can be used  to detect dangerous metal objects (eg weapons, knives, guns, etc.) and together with  multiple detectors. It is possible to see how many times the alarm has been played during the day and the passenger flow. Thanks to the setup password, it can only be used by authorized personnel. Setup passwords provide security during use. SEC 200 can use the ultra-large LCD and LED display with the  acoustic and optical alarm at the same time. Anti-interference features have also been developed thanks to the combination of left and right digital and analog technology. This detector, which is fairly simple to set up and uninstall, will be enough for only 10 minutes to install and uninstall. Both English and Turkish manuals are provided with the detector. Contrary to what you know, this detector does not harm pregnant ladies, video tapes, heartbeats or magnetic software.


  • Functions: Angular accuracy of 100 degrees can meet many different requirements.
  • Percentage at passings: 50-60 Hz / 100 volts AC or 220 volts AC
  • Welding (Electric): It is over 60  at once and minute.
  • Power Consumption: <= 30 watt.
  • Working Environment and Temperatures: It can work in between% <= 95 Rh / -20 and +45 degrees.
  • Packed Size: 2200 x 800 x 500 (Height x Width x Depth)
  • Size: 2200 x 700 x 500 (Height x Width x Depth)
  • Weight: Approximately 92 kg.