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Automatic Systems VEHICLE PRODUCTS 

Nearly 50 years ago, Automatic Systems VEHICLE PRODUCTS marketed its first rising barriers. Today, thanks to our experience and our wide range of vehicle access control equipment, we can supply the right solutions to meet your requirements, with the latest technological developments. Whether your requirement is for toll roads, parking areas, access to bridges, tunnels, level crossings, or the closing and entry control of private or industrial sites… within our ranges of barriers, rising bollards and road blockers, you will find the product suitable for your application.


Automatic Systems puts its 50 years of experience in the field of vehicle barriers at your disposal. We offer different categories, each one of them specially designed for its specific task. Such as toll , parking entrances or perimeter security.


Tolls require fast, robust and reliable barriers. For that, Automatic Systems has created the TollPlus series and the BL 229 Toll.

For parking, we have the BL 229, the BL 44 and the ParkPlus series.

By meeting the above criteria, our barriers ensure the profitability of your infrastructure.


We offer two models of long-range barriers. The BL 52 up to 14 meters in length and the BL 45A/F up to 12 meters in length. They are perfect for controlling access to bridges, tunnels or other wide crossing routes.