Perkotek AVAX Electronic Gates that we are manufacturer has 3 arms and the arms are at waist height. Currently the most widely used models in the market are single-leg, double-legs and wall-mounted models.

Our 100% stainless steel turnstiles are produced in Turkey have the quality certifications such as ISO 9001-2000 and CE.

Our stainless steel turnstiles can be used with card reader, fingerprint reader and face recognition devices, and as well as they can be controlled by coin, money reader, button or remote control if desired. In emergency situations such as earthquakes, floods and fires, rapid escape can be achieved by taking the trigger from other security systems and cutting the energy of the turnstile to run idle.

Parking lot barrier systems are used to provide security in car parks. Nowadays, almost every car park has barrier systems.

In addition to safety, Perkotek AVAX Electronic Gates systems which provide access control of vehicles ,with their casings made of electrostatic painted or stainless steel body are preferred with safety in all environments indoor and outdoor.

Moreover, the arm lengths of these barriers vary according to the width of the area you will use, providing a suitable solution to your every need. Avax car parking barriers bring easiness in use by being operated with remote control.