Roger Access Control Systems

ROGER was established in 1991. Its area of activity is designing and manufacturing security electronic devices, especially in the field of electronic access control.

Thanks to our long experience the products offered present a high functionality and stylistic level while maintaining high reliability.

For manufacturing our products we use components from renowned vendors only, and we continually train our personnel and refine the manufacturing process.

Within recent years, the company has considerably expanded its area of activity, which has led to a necessity to enlarge the company’s manufacturing ability.

At present the company has a new manufacturing building, which has been designed and built according to the newest technology standards and in keeping with relevant industry principles.

The products we offer have acquired a repute in the Polish market. This can be proved by the network of permanent customers from all over the country.

At the same time, dynamic development of our offer during the recent years has led to acquiring many new customers in the countries from Europe and Asia.

Roger Access Control Systems as a leading supplier of access control systems in Poland we offer professional solutions with various levels of complexity and functionality: starting from simple code locks, through network access control system called RACS 4, to scalable access control system with building automation and alarm system control called RACS 5.

Our products feature not only high reliability and functionality, which is confirmed in thousands of successfully implemented installations, but also great quality-to-cost ratio and attractive design.

Except for access control systems, which forms the main scope of our offer we also provide additional devices such as card programming and enrolling sets, expansion modules or other accessories.

Our access control system is continuously developed on the basis of our long term expertise in the field of physical access control.

Roger Access Control System 5
Roger Access Control System 4