The system consists of PATROL II LCD portable proximity reader designed for recording person’s attendance in designated points of building/area and software for further analysis. The system is designed mainly for offline verification of guards’ work, nevertheless it can be used in many other situations. The installation of PATROL system does not require any cabling but it is necessary to install passive proximity tags (called checkpoints) in specific locations of controlled building/area. Every checkpoint and person identifier can be assigned with names (labels). These labels are later useful during guard tour and interpretation of event log.
Patrol II LCD Portable Reader
Patrol II LCD Portable Reader
Patrol II LCD  Portable reader with accessories for guard tour system Set includes:
  • EM 125 kHz reader
  • USB cable
  • two batteries AA 1.5V
  • leather case
  • battery charger
  • PK-3 (1 pcs)
  • PK-2 (5 pcs.)
  • EMC-1 (3 pcs.)
  • CP-1 (3 pcs.)
  • Features
  • operates with EM 125 KHz proximity cards and tags
  • resistant to humidity and water condensation
  • LCD display with backlight
  • simple and intuitive operation with a single key
  • non-volatile 32.768 event log buffer
  • up to 8K reads cycles without battery charging (*)
  • guard tour, alarms and maintenance events
  • high mechanical durability – shock resistant for 1.5 m free falling (*)
  • non-eraseable event register (reconstruction of events canceled intentionally)
  • programming and maintenance through USB
  • displays guard and checkpoint names
  • free windows managing software
  • displays guard tour schedule hints
  • warranty and non-warranty service
  • communication through USB port
  • firmware upgrade via USB
  • battery charging from PC’s USB or AC charger
  • possibility to customize the device
  • supply from two LR6 (AA) batteries
  • dimensions: 117.0 x 79.0 x 24.0 mm (height x width x thickness)
  • weight: ≈200 g
  • CE mark
  • environmental conditions of operation:
    • temperature: from -25°C to +60°C
    • humidity: from 0% to 95%