Morpho MTop Slim
Morpho MTop Slim

Idemia MTop Slim

Fingerprint capture is one of the most common uses of biometrics, providing ID registration and authentication for large-scale projects, whether governmental (population registration, elections, etc.) or more recently commercial (customer onboarding). IDEMIA is the world leader in the field, having accurately recorded for its clients the details of two billion people. Now, organizations can harness the benefits of the latest Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) technology with a next-generation live scan device: MTop Slim by IDEMIA. Only one-inch thick, weighing just 400 grams and USB-powered, MTop Slim sets new standards for fingerprint scanning in terms of compactness and efficiency. The combination of a thin, modern design and a high-quality sensor makes the device easier-to-use. Designed to accommodate either slap or rolled acquisition, MTop Slim provides quality indicators to ensure that usable data is collected.

MTop Slim

  • The extra thin live scan device
  • High quality slap and rolled acquisition.
  • Ergonomic and attractive design.
  • Extra thin (1 inch) and lightweight(400g).
A worldwide recognized know-how World’s number 1 company in the field of fingerprint-based biometrics, with innovative capabilities acknowledged worldwide. IDEMIA has acquired a thorough experience in designing and manufacturing biometric terminals (over 100,000 slap fingerprint units and over 3,000,000 fingerprint sensors sold). After recording more than 1 billion people across the globe, IDEMIA introduces a breakthrough.

– based live scan device: MTop Slim. Breaking with previous generations.

it is 6 times smaller than current products, which greatly facilitates its integration into mobile solutions or existing structures.

بصفتها الشركة الأولى عالميًا في مجال القياسات البيومترية المُستخدمة في التعرف على بصمات الإصبع، والتي تتميز بقدرات إبداعية تحظى باعتراف عالمي.

اكتسبت IDEMIA خبرة واسعة في مجال تصميم المحطات الطرفية البيومترية وتصنيعها (حيث قامت ببيع أكثر من 100000 وحدة بصمة إصبع وأكثر من 3000000 مستشعر بصمة إصبع).

بعد تسجيل ما يزيد على 1 مليار شخص من جميع أنحاء العالم، تقدم IDEMIA لكم هذه الطفرة التنكنولوجية المتمثلة في جهاز المسح  MTop Slim .

الذي يتميز عن الأجهزة السابقة له بصغر حجمه 6 مرات أكثر من المنتجات الحالية.

مما يجعل من دمجه في الهواتف الذكية أو التركيبات الحالية أمرًا يسيرًا.

Typical use cases

  • Mass enrollment: On-site capture of citizens’ data to build civil registry, electoral database, etc.
  • Border control: Enrollment and matching for foreign travelers.
  • Criminal identification: Suspect identification and police investigation.