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Nitgen UBio-X face premium

Walk-Through Method 8” Premium Face Recognition System
  • Support multiple authentication method including face, fingerprint, mobile key and QR code.
  • High performance device equipped latest face recognition algorithm.
  • Integrated security solution according to the contactless trend.
  • Enhanced security and data encryption.
UBio-X Face Premium is equipped with a high-performance face recognition algorithm to fast and recognize the user’s face accurately even from a distance of up to 4m, and up to 4 people can be authenticated at same time. By grafting the UBio-X FQR authentication sensor, various authentication methods such as face, fingerprint, card, mobile key, QR code, and card have been implemented. It is able to select and use the authentication method according to the customer’s needs.authentication method

Nitgen UBio-X face premium

Integrated Security Solution by Contactless Trend
According to contactless solution such as mask detection (3 levels), thermal detection, contactless visitor & event management and remote user registration can avoid infectious. Also, It is possible to use by integrating with a variety of systems like Video surveillance, access control and Time & Attendance management.
Enhanced Security and Data Encryption.
All biometric information is protected based on a technology that encrypts and saves as the minutia point used in the algorithm engine without saving the original image.