RBH Axiom Access Control Advanced, Flexible Infrastructure RBH Axiom Access Control is designed to provide a scalable security management solution that takes advantage of the Microsoft native and well supported technologies for the Windows platform. “.NET” framework, fully integrated into Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server family of products allows for secure communications and feature scalability. Modular Server Components Individual server components responsible for Client/Server interaction, communications with field hardware, messaging and many others are as native Windows Services that launch automatically and remain operational even if an operator logs off from Windows. All functionality will remain available even in the event of unattended re-boot of a single or multiple host PCs. Easily Scalable Platform Choice of a free database engine (MSDE or SQL 2005 Express Edition) and a fully featured Microsoft SQL Server 2005 allows for a wide range of system sizes, capabilities and configurations. From a single PC, that contains a client and all of the server components, to a widely distributed system with multiple communications servers and various redundancy features AxiomV is infinitely flexible, expandable and easily maintained. Advanced system architecture allows AxiomV to grow from a small office to an enterprise-wide security management system spanning multiple time zones and languages. Optimized for system performance To eliminate common bottlenecks, our engineers had worked with our largest clients to maximize the throughput of our data , messaging and communication server components. Processing a staggering number of events every second, AxiomV delivers a responsive yet comprehensively detailed experience to users and integration partners. All of the SQL, AxiomV Server and Client components can be installed on the same PC, or span multiple PCs for better scalability and load balancing on the AxiomV Enterprise Edition RBH Axiom Access Control Interactive Status Display See live status of all controllers, devices, access points, apartments/suites, alarm points, outputs, etc. From unlocking a door to upgrading firmware on the fly, every control function can be accessed here. Right click access to live video or last ten recorded events for seamless CCTV integration. Quick reporting and easy access to complete configuration make our interactive status screen an invaluable tool in AxiomV’s management. Certain operators can be denied access to this feature, it can also be quickly turned off to make more of the screen’s real estate available. In conjunction with module selector it provides a powerful tool for control of an extremely large systems. RBH Axiom Access Control Event Viewer More than just a running list of occurring events, Event Viewer offers all of the control, CCTV and configuration functionality through a convenient right click. Go right into editing of Cardholder’s record by right-clicking on the card number, look at live video or video of an event, grant access on the door on which access was just denied, edit email notification and re-configure alarm point at firs sign or trouble. No more looking, writing down and going into other sections of software – direct access to all features is where convenience and power of AxiomV truly shine. RBH Axiom Access Control Reports Powerful report generating capability is built into AxiomV. Database and history reports allow for thousands of variations, conditions, layouts and sorting. Provided functionality allows printing, export, email of reports, CCTV event playback as well as report export into many popular file formats. Create and save custom reports, schedule automatic generation of routine reports. RBH Axiom Access Control Alarm Monitor AxiomV allows scheduled designation of any event for persistent display and acknowledgement by operator. Display priority can be set, event’s age and action instructions displayed. Specify a schedule during which a guard would be required to type in or select preprogrammed comment before clearing the event. Interactive Mustering Interactive Mustering displays the current location of cardholders, area occupancy counts and lists can be easily accessed. Quickly set or reset anti-pass for areas and cardholders. Configure the automatic printing of the Evacuation Reports. RBH Axiom Access Control Access Point Activity Greeting someone by name, verifying that an authorized person is using a card are just a few aspects of this feature. Video verification screen can be assigned to monitor specific doors and display cardholder’s live and on-file picture, basic information and 5 additional fields as access is attempted. Granting Access, locking/unlocking of the displayed door(s) is accomplished through on-screen controls. Quick cardholder lookup simplifies staff training. . Alarm Monitoring An extremely large number of unique alarm points can be monitored by an AxiomV system. Each point can be fully configured for type of annunciation, priority, customizable action messages, ASCII output, CCTV trigger and executable link. Live graphic maps and color coded alarm handling instructions guide operators in efficient response to each alarm. RBH Axiom Access Control Central Station reporting Via IP or fully supervised dialer AxiomV will forward alarm messages to the Central Station in industry standard SIA format. Accessible from anywhere Access to all control and configuration functionality, integration with live and event video is available from Event Viewer, Live Status Display and our Dynamic Interactive Maps on all Client workstations. Photo ID Badging Our Photo ID module provides an easy to use and powerful tool for creating high quality, dual sided personalized credentials. Multiple images can be stored for each cardholder. They can be printed on a card along with barcodes, signatures, fingerprints, static text and every data field of Cardholder’s record. Intuitive, built-in card template designer allows for import of images and backgrounds, positioning and custom configuration of cardholder’s images, text and data fields. Multiple templates can be created to differentiate employees, departments, etc. Magnetic stripe, Proximity, and Smart Card encoding is available with appropriate hardware. Utilizing standard MS Windows interfaces allows use of any WIA compatible video sources for image capture, Signature capture pads and Card printers from various manufacturers. Biometric Integration Multiple brands of biometric readers are transparently integrated with AxiomV. For example: Enroll fingerprints within Cardholder Management screen on any workstation and they will be automatically transmitted to appropriate fingerprint readers: no 3rd party programs, no double data entry. A variety of biometric technologies are supported: fingerprint, iris, etc. Using a combination of TCP/IP and Wiegand connections allows to integrate virtually any upcoming or established biometric technology. RBH Axiom Access Control Cardholder Administration AxiomV’s Cardholder database can be setup for a single or multiple credential (car tag, card, fingerprint, etc.) to accommodate different reader technologies and management techniques. Each credential can have a 1 to 5-digit PIN associated with it which can be used independently, in parallel or with a card, depending on access point’s configuration. Variable behavior – Credentials can be designated as Normal, Visitor, Supervisor and Contractor to specify the type of behavior they will exhibit. For example: requiring an escort, overriding anti-passback and a number of other functions. Status – Flagging of lost, stolen and suspended cards. Scheduled activation/de-activation – Date and time can be set to activate a card immediately or in the future (premailing, contractor access, etc.). De-activation date and time will de-activate the card even if the PC is down, not communicating with field panels. Extended Unlock – To comply with ADA requirements, designated handicapped cardholders will enjoy longer unlock times when they use access points controlled by AxiomV. Access Permissions A wide selection of methods for flexible assignment of access permissions is available: A conventional “Access Level” designates access to particular doors during particular times and days, and once created can be assigned to large numbers of cardholders. A change in it will affect all cardholders assigned to it. A flexible way to reduce the number of required “Access Levels” is our “Special Access” option allowing you to create a custom list of schedules and doors in addition to or instead of the “base” access level. Multiple Access Levels” allow you to “build” a custom set of permissions from modular “access level” components working doors in addition to or instead of the “base” access level for each cardholder. CCTV / VIDEO surveillance Module Capabilities of AxiomV’s sophisticated Access Control and Security Management Systems is extended through an open architecture interface with a wide range of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and RBH and 3rd party Network Video Recorders (NVRs). Supporting multiple DVRs from different manufacturers on the same system simultaneously provides enhanced flexibility and freedom of choice of manufacturer. By simplifying video search and allowing Access Point control directly from the live video screen, AxiomV provides a wide range of user -friendly features. Over the Internet or office LAN, the system user has direct system-wide access to live video, event viewing, historical event based video search, and video export functionality. Custom tailored assignments link individual Access and Monitoring Points to specific cameras across multiple DVRs, providing an ability to set pre- and post-alarm viewing preferences and PTZ shots. Our system provides direct access to DVR features from the System Status screen, Event Log display, Interactive Maps, and History Report module. AxiomLinks Automation sequences that can change status, settings and values of all control points (readers/ doors, inputs, outputs and differential counters) or devices anywhere in the system. Any system event of any control point can trigger the execution of these links. It can also be scheduled for a specific date-time, daily, weekly or monthly automatic execution with or without Holiday exception. AxiomLinks can also be executed when a specific card is used on a specific reader or when a designated “Action Code” was entered on a keypad following an “Access Granted” event. Large Multi-site Systems The advanced architecture of the AxiomV allows for multiple hardwired and/or IP Network connections between our Communication Servers) and field hardware (NCs, RCs, etc.). Each connection (“Network” as we call it) can include up to 240 Doors (“Access Points” as we call them) and up to 4,800 hard-wired or virtual (see PC-100-3xx) Input/Output points, with all functionality available even when communication with the Server is interrupted. Time offset on individual sites (“Networks”) allows for geographically distributed systems. Multi-tenant and Locally Managed Sites Role based, Operator-centric improvement upon “Database Segregation”. Groups and/or Individual AxiomV Operators can be restricted to a part of the wider system. This will preclude them from interfering with or monitoring of the parts of the System outside of their assigned scope. These restrictions get setup on a profile policy basis:
  • Hardware – permission assignment down to individual doors and alarm points
  • Access Levels – Access Permission/Schedule, to exclude ones outside of Operators scope
  • Cards and Cardholders – as assigned to Operator on “Company(s)” designation
  • Control and Reporting – only for assigned cards, doors and other security hardware
Advanced Access Control Technology Multiple Reader Technologies – Reader of any technology can be used via our standard Wiegand interface. Proximity (traditional, iClass or MIFARE), Mag-stripe, Bar-code, Biometric to name just a few. Multiple Card Formats – Up to 5 different card formats can be used simultaneously on the same Access Point (Reader/ Door). This feature allows easy site consolidation and smooth transition between new and legacy cards. Reader/Keypad operation – Card reader and an 8-bit Wiegand keypad (integrated into the reader or installed side-by-side) parallel card or PIN use. Both reader and keypad can be individually enabled by schedule or system command to provide “Card+PIN”, “Card Only” or “PIN Only” operation. Unique user defined PINs 1 to 5 digits long are available to each cardholder. Man-trap, Air-lock, Sally-port – any way you call it, our controller logic can handle them with up to 120 doors each, enabled by schedule or command without any additional wiring or hardware. Two-stage Door Held Open operation – (programmable warning and alarm) with reader sounder annunciation and external event trigger. Door unlocking/re-locking – automatic by schedule with “First Person” delay feature, card multi-swipe as well as by an automation or manual command. Elevator Control Restricting access to particular floors on schedule, locking down elevators or making them accessible without restriction are part and parcel of our true elevator control. From a reader installed inside of the elevator cab a cardholder can enable all of the buttons to allowed floors, and after floor selection button press to disable activated buttons preventing piggy-back access to other floors. Multiple cardholders can make their selections during the trip. AxiomV can communicate with elevator controller via programmable ASCII or input/output interface. Architecture employed makes it easy to add visitor access functionality to existing systems. Permissions are easily configured in “Access Level” screen.
  • Up to 256 floors per cab
  • Control individual or banks of elevators
  • Floor-groups for easy access configuration
Advanced Access Control Features Multi-swipe Functionality – Control your access points without access to AxiomV software. Particular cardholders can be authorized on door-per-door basis to be able to Lock or Unlock doors with a double swipe of a card (fingerprint or PIN use). Four-swipe will allow turning on and off of the High Security Mode. Two-man rule enabled on schedule for each door, or cardholder based “Visitor-Supervisor” or “Escort required” linking. Anti-Passback functionality provides controlled sequence of card use with a fully featured multi-area layout, antitailgating, schedule enabled “Hard Enforcement” and area status reset. Anti-passback can operate locally, without a PC within a network of 120-240 doors, or Globally, system-wide with information routing through the PC. Door opening can be configured to trigger card’s current area change. Live area status monitoring and timed antipassback features are provided. Man-trap, Air-lock, Sally-port – any way you call it, our controller logic can handle them with up to 120 doors each, enabled by schedule or command without any additional wiring or hardware. Code Tracing – When you cannot restrict access, but need to take measures when a marked cardholders pass through designated doors, variety of functions can be triggered to record or prevent pilfering or to activate specialized automation sequences. High Security Mode can interactively elevate access privilege requirement: an additional privilege designation on top of the assigned access levels. This mode can be enabled and disabled on schedule, by an automation link, card multi-swipe or manual command. 2-Swipe Locks/Unlocks Door 4-Swipe Door’s Hi-Security On/Off
  • Multi-level threat responce
  • Automatic or manual activation
Auto Void – Dealing with a large, and especially highturnover workforce can be challenging. AxiomV is capable of automatically disabling cards not used in a specified number of days. There is an ability to except certain cards from being affected by this feature: so your outside sales force would be able to use their cards regardless of how often they visit the office. Additional Features Automated Card Import – Configuration wizard makes it easy to configure an automatic on-going synchronization with third party personnel, resident and other management systems. Cardholders and cards can be added, updated and deleted automatically. SQL Server, MS Access databases, text files can be accessed on scheduled bases, contained changes implemented and downloaded to field controllers immediately. Source text files can be automatically deleted upon successful import. Universal Copy Wizard – Programming and re-configuring hundreds or thousands of doors, tens of thousands of inputs and outputs, hundreds of thousands of cardholders does not have to be a tedious process. Our Universal Copy Wizard makes it possible to copy selected fields from a source record to especially selected destination records for every type data and many other configuration settings available in the system. Automatic Backup – Keeping data safe will ensure painless recovery in case of hardware failure and other oops moments. Our integrated wizard will help you to specify where you would like to store your backup (local or removable drive, network volume, etc.), what data and when it is backed up. Multiple copies of backup can be kept, with oldest versions automatically deleted to preserve space. Backup can also be triggered manually to make a system snapshot before any major changes are implemented. Message ports – Custom configured ASCII messages including static text and event data can be transmitted via serial, TCP/IP and email messaging ports. Every event of every hardware point and additional trigger events can initiate transmission through an appropriate port on a scheduled basis: during the day data may be sent to email, while after hours to a mobile phone. This feature makes it possible to integrate with virtually any piece of software and hardware capable of ASCII or email communication Intuitive Access Levels Automatic Backup – Keeping data safe will ensure painless recovery in case of hardware failure and other oops moments. Our integrated wizard will help you to specify where you would like to store your backup (local or removable drive, network volume, etc.), what data and when it is backed up. Multiple copies of backup can be kept, with oldest versions automatically deleted to preserve space. Backup can also be triggered manually to make a system snapshot before any major changes are implemented. Interactive Guard Tour In a small or a large facility there is no substitute for personal inspection of the access points and secured areas. To verify door’s operation, presence of people in the area or various other issues that can be out of normal order a patrolling security officer is needed. To make sure that these inspections are performed on time and in proper order.
  • Real-time operation
  • Live progress display
  • Uses existing readers at access points
  • Start tours manually or by schedules
Access Points can be arranged in a sequence to be visited by a security guard. This Guard Tour can be started manually or automatically on a schedule and will specify the times at which points on this tour must be visited. As with all things in real life there are reasonable delays, and our programmable Grace Periods were designed to account for them. However if a guard was late beyond reason or had arrived too early, possibly taking a shortcut deviating from prescribed route, an alarm will be displayed and recorded. For example “Routine Tour” will start at 10 PM at the Security Office, guard must make it to the Main Door 10 minutes into the tour, Rear Door in 25, Loading Dock in 40 and so on. AxiomLinks™ Integration – Programmable automation sequences and commands can be automatically executed when the guard arrives a station early, late or on-time. Guard Tour Status Screen – Displays if the tour has started, and if so when, as well as which guard has reached which access points and when. CCTV / Video Surveillance Integration – Live video form a camera associated with an access point can be displayed when a guard reaches it while tour is in progress. This allows for visual verification and recording. Guard Groups – For added flexibility, multiple guards can be assigned to a Guard Group to conduct tours together or separately. Any guard belonging to this group can advance the tour by presenting their ID. Asset Tracking To prevent theft of your organization’s assets or to keep track of their current location, our Integrated Asset Tracking system is designed to help stop persons leaving with valuables they are not authorized to remove from the premises or move them to another part of your facility. AxiomV will link individual assets with their owners and with pictures of both the protected valuables and their assigned owners. Asset Tracking system operates by detecting the tag attached to an asset and requiring the use of a card or another security credential to authorize the removal of this item from the premises. If owner and asset do not match, system can notify authorities of an attempted action and if needed to lock down doors to prevent an unauthorized asset movement.
  • Real-time operation, works with PC down
  • Live location status, owner and asset image display
  • Easy to retrofit – multiple reader brands supported
Asset Tracking function can be easily added to any access point controlled by the AxiomV Security Management System without the need for an additional panels and controllers. Full video integration is available for an additional visual verification as well as to easily assessable record of the events. Asset/Person Location Easily locate and track movement of mobile assets or persons within the facility without door control stations:
  • Interactive location screen with signal indicator
  • Roaming asset tracking capability
  • Email notification and other integration features
High Availability High Availability Communications via 4 layers of redundancy, is available in the Enterprise Edition of the AxiomV™ Security Management System
  • Multi-Channel Connectivity, Threat Aware Hardware
  • Distributive Processing, Redundant wiring
  • Synchronized Hot Stand-By with automatic Fail Over
Much, much more There are many more aspects of the Access Control operation that can be automatically or manually triggered or adjusted to ensure that doors operate exactly as customers require.