Nitgen eNBioAccess-T2 Fingerprint / Card Access Terminal

Transform your access control / time and attendance with highly versatile eNBioAccess-T2. Use Fingerprint, card or Bluetooth mobile key for authentication.

Nitgen eNBioAccess-T2

eNBioAccess-T2 supports fingerprint, RF card and mobile key. It’s optical sensor and algorithm detect fake fingers. Controls dead bolt, EM lock, door strike, automatic door. IP65 certified dustproof and waterproof access control device.

Product Description

eNBioAccess-T2 is a versatile access control device built to take up new challenges. It attempts to live up to today’s authentication and connectivity expectations with fingerprint authentication and Bluetooth connectivity. This access control terminal can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to facilitate authentication with mobile key. It is also equipped with fingerprint sensor and card reader to facilitate biometric and RF card based authentication as well. With Nitgen’s iAccess M Plus mobile app, you can control eNBioAccess-T2 using your smartphone. To enable this, the device connects to your phone with Bluetooth. You can change device setting, add or edit users, monitor access logs and do much more. iAccess M Plus app can be downloaded from Android Play Store or Apple App Store. eNBioAccess-T2 also features IP65 rating, which means it is not only dust-tight, but can also survive splashes and water projections. Bluetooth connectivity is not the only highlight of this versatile device. At biometric front, Nitgen’s fake fingerprint detection technology can detect whether a fingerprint scan comes from a live finger or a spoof. It can detect fake spoofs and replicas made of material like silicone, paper, film, gelatin and rubber. It also features a built-in camera, which captures a photograph during every transaction that takes place on the device. Photos are stored on the server. This photograph logging enables you to dig down suspicious transactions, should the need arise.

eNBioAccess-T2: Salient Features

Bluetooth Support

  • Bluetooth-enabled mobile key solution

Mobile Authentication

  • Terminal Menu Control in Mobile Phone (iAccess M Plus)
  • Mobile Card Authentication (Nitgen Mobile Card)

Fake Finger Detection

  • Optical sensor and algorithm detect fake fingers (Paper, Film, Silicone, Rubber and Gelatin)

IP65 Enclosure

  • Water and dust resistance

Terminal Status Indicator

  • 3 Color LED Indicator
  • Beep & Voice Sound Indicator

Built-in Camera

  • Storage and Monitoring of Image Logs

Usability and Applications

Today’s tech savvy world is highly dependent on phones and connectivity. People feel empowered if they can do something using their smartphones. Nitgen eNBioAccess-T2 tries to live up to today’s connectivity and smartphone oriented expectations. It is not only equipped with biometric fingerprint recognition and card for access control, users can also connect to it with their smartphones and use mobile key for authentication. Easy setup, compact form factor and availability of mobile app greatly enhance its usability. This compact device can be used for access control and employee time and attendance applications for up to 10,000 users.

eNBioAccess-T2: Specifications

Authentication Method Biometric
Dust/ Water Resistance IP65
Memory Max User 10,000
Fingerprints (Templates) 10,000 (1:1)(1:N)
Logs 100,000
Images 10,000
Communication With Server TCP/IP
Other Bluetooth/USB
Wireless LAN(Wi-Fi) X
Wiegand OUT O
RS232 X
Wiegand IN O
Display LCD 1.77″Color LCD
Backlight O
Embedded Camera O
Card 125khz-EM O
HID Prox O
HID iclass X
13.56MHz Smart Card O
Keypad X
Function keys 4
Door Phone X
FP Sensor Platen Area 14.8 X 17.9mm
Resolution 500 dpi
Authentication Speed (1:1) < 0.5 sec
1:N(1,000) < 1 sec
Dimension (W) X (H) X (D) mm 58 X 187.9 X 51.6
FRR /FAR 0.1% /0.0001%
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60℃
Operating Software(S/W Solution) Access Manager Pro

 اجهزة حضور وانصراف بالبصمة الاصبع Nitgen eNBioAccess-T2

إحدى منتجات شركة Nitgen  العالمية

 صناعة كورية يحمل العديد من المميزات الرائعة والتى تسهل على العديد من المؤسسات والشركات متابعة  نشاط شركاتهم ومؤسساته.

مميزات اجهزة حضور وانصراف بالبصمة. 

 10000 موظف.

 100000 حركة.

    يتحمل العوامل الخارجية  ip 65 .

يعمل ببصمة الإصبع والكارت.

  يعمل بخاصية Mobile Key عن طريق البلوتوث.

يمكن التحكم به من خلال ربطه بالموبايل عن طريق البلوتوث.

يمكنه التحكم فى الأبواب ويمكن ربطه بانظمة التحكم الاخرى.