Nitgen eNBioAccess-T5

access control / time and attendance with fingerprint, card or password, equipped with quality recognition algorithm.

Nitgen eNBioAccess-T5

  • eNBioAccess-T5 access with time & attendance terminal supports multi factor authentication: fingerprint, RFID card and password.
  • Centralized access control on IP technology has user defined functions: Clock In / Clock Out / Absence / Return.
  • Comes with auto-on function and live finger detection, built-in camera takes picture for every transaction with storage in server.

Product Description

Nitgen one of the popular biometric access control devices, which is widely used for access control as well as time and attendance applications. It is also one of Nitgen access control devices, which sports the company’s top ranked fingerprint recognition algorithm (ranked 1st in Fingerprint Verification Competition). eNBioAccess-T5 comes with auto-on function, which makes sure that the equipment turns on and gets ready for scan as soon you place your finger on the sensor.

Access control or time and attendance can be setup using fingerprint, card or password. They can also be used in conjunction to elevate the level of security (multi-factor authentication). Multi-factor authentication ensures that you get superior grade of security against unauthorized users.

A 4.3 inch touch screen LCD offers easy to navigate user interface. The interface is optimized for touch input and users can easily configure the equipment without any expert help.

A built-in camera is provided which captures a photograph during every transaction that takes place on the system. With impressive performance metrics (FRR ~=0.1%, FAR ~= 0.001%), you can be assured that it will never allow an unauthorized individual by error.

It comes with optional inbuilt battery to keep your access control or time and attendance activities going in case of power failure.

Nitgen biometric access control products are known for their performance and reliability and eNBioAccess-T5 is no exception.

Use of top-notch fingerprint recognition algorithm, impressive FRR and FAR, logging of user photograph with every transaction and Nitgen liveness detection technology makes sure that simply no one can play around the system.

Nitgen eNBioAccess-T5 Salient Features

Multifactor Authentication

  • Fingerprint, RF card, Password

Built-in Camera

  • Takes picture for every transaction with storage in server

4.3“ TFT LCD Touch Screen

  • Notice/Status bar
  • Wallpaper with company logo

Multi-Processing Functionality

  • Normal authentication process under progress at background of terminal

Superior Matching Engine

  • 1st rank in FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition)

USB Memory Slot

  • Easy data transfer using USB memory stick

Function Key

  • User-defined functions (F1~F4)
  • Clock In/Clock Out/Absence/Return

Language Support

  • Multi Language support with Audio-visual indications

Nitgen eNBioAccess-T5 Usability and Applications

Nitgen access control devices never seem to compromise at usability part.

eNBioAccess-T5’s user interface is fairly easy to use and highly customizable (you can even choose wallpaper with your company logo to make it look completely yours).

The device includes a function key that can be setup to perform user defined functions. To elevate the level of authentication security, multi-factor authentication can be setup using fingerprint, password or RF card. You can also configure it for centralized access control using IP technology.

Nitgen eNBioAccess-T5 fits for access control, time and attendance applications and can bear medium to moderately heavy loads of users with template storage capacity of 100,000 templates.

eNBioAccess-T5: Specifications

CPU S3C6410 (ARM11 667MHz)
Memory 256MB DRAM / 256MB Flash
Display 4.3″ TFT LCD / Touch Screen
Sensor Optical / 500 DPI
1:1 Time < 0.2 sec.
1:N Time < 1 sec. (4,000 templates)
Authentication Rate FRR ~= 0.1%, FAR ~= 0.001%
Template Capacity 100,000 templates (2templates/1finger)
Log Capacity 500,000 logs
Communication TCP/IP, Wiegand In/Out(26/34bit)
Lock Deadbolt, EM Lock, Door Strike, Automatic Door
Environment -20~60 ℃ / < RH 90%
Certificate KC, CE, FCC
Size (mm) 192 x 156 x 55 (W x H x D)
  • اجهزة حضور وانصراف بالبصمة الاصبع.
  • إحدى منتجات شركة Nitgen  العالمية.
  • صناعة كورية يحمل العديد من المميزات الرائعة والتى تسهل على العديد من المؤسسات والشركات متابعة  نشاط شركاتهم ومؤسساتهم.
  • مميزات اجهزة حضور وانصراف بالبصمة eNBioAccess-T5.
  • 50000 موظف.
  • 500000 حركة.
  • كاميرا لإلتقاط صور الموظفين أثناء البصمة.
  • شاشة 4.3 بوصة تعمل باللمس.
  • يمكنه التحكم بالابواب ويمكن ربطه بأنظمة التحكم الاخرى.

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