UBio-X face pro

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UBio-X face pro

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UBio X Face Pro

Fast and Accurate Access Control

It is an industry-leading performance access control device.
By embedding a high-performance algorithm, users can authenticate in a faster
and more accurate manner. The device enables to detect users above or below standard height.

High-performance algorithm

Face 1:30,000 templates < 1 sec
Fingerprint 1:50,000 templates < 1 sec
Up to 30,000 users (1:1 Face)
Up to 500,000 users (1:1 Fingerprint)

Slim and Compact Design

UBio-X face pro can be deployed in various sites with its compact design. With a compact and moderately
sized LCD screen, it can be deployed in different facilities from small-scale to large-scale businesses.

New, Sustainable Services

it is a second released product of UNIONCOMMUNITY’s hardware unification.
Beyond security, we provide users sustainable experiences through key firmware update.
Ex) Multi view, UBio-AI, VIP Tracking Service, etc.

Comprehensive RFID

it unifies RF, SC, and HID card types
into one. In addition, RF double expands the authentication
distance, enhancing customer convenience.
* HID iCLASS (Optional)

Convenient Customer Experience

Wi-Fi is supported for the user to wirelessly
connect to the internet and integrate with
UBio-X Face Pro, which provides convenient
customer experience.