Idemia MSO300
Idemia MSO300 series
Idemia MSO300 Series is a family of robust, high-quality optical sensors that capture and process fingerprints with excellent image quality. It is designed to cope with fingerprint registration of the young, old, and manual laborers. With an internal database capable of handling 5,000 users, the MSO 300 Series is ideal for a wide range of applications: population enrollment, border control, access control to sensitive IT systems, in-store or online payments. Along with class-leading image acquisition certified to FBI PIV IQS* and STQC** standards, each device provides biometric template coding and matching thanks to its embedded FIPS 201*** and MINEX**** compliant algorithms. As options, the range also offers an enhanced, patented optronic fake finger detection function (Common Criteria certified), a smartcard reader and security features to protect users’ data. The MSO 300 Series can easily be integrated into various applications thanks to the MSO SDK, available for Windows, Linux and Android platforms. *Image Quality Specifications **Standardization Testing and Quality Certification Directorate: an office of the Government of India providing quality assurance services in the area of Electronics and IT. ***US federal government standard that specifies Personal Identity Verification (PIV) requirements for federal employees and contractors. ****Interoperability test used to establish compliance of template generators and template matchers for the U.S. Government’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program.