VisionPass SP

Facial recognition access control

Providing a premium access control experience with the VisionPass range

When it comes to access control, organizations are looking for airtight security solutions that provide a streamlined experience for a high volume of users. With its facial recognition access control devices, the VisionPass range by IDEMIA offers near-motion secure identity verification with minimum behavioural adaptation in all light conditions.

Two versions of the VisionPass facial recognition access control devices are available:

  • VisionPass: a robust and reliable device, that is resistant to all kinds of spoofing attempts.
  • VisionPass SP (Simplified Profile) : a sleek and compact terminal with an eco-friendly design, that provides accurate and fair matching results.

With its facial recognition access control range, IDEMIA paired its latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition algorithms with a state-of-the-art optical set combining 3D, visible and infra-red cameras to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

  • Reliable security

    These facial recognition devices incorporate IDEMIA’s latest spoofing detection mechanisms and are capable of coping with face changes (change of hairstyle, glasses, helmet, etc.).

  • Easy deployment

    VisionPass devices are suitable for all environments (IP65 + IK07). In addition, they offer seamless integration with all PAC Software and MorphoManager.

  • Unique performance

    Thanks to the pairing of a state-of-the-art optical set combining 3D/IR cameras with IDEMIA’s latest advances in AI and image processing, VisionPass range provides both a high level of security and real user convenience.