Came Ozak Bollard system

CameOzak Automatic Bollard

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Vehicle Access Control Series – Bollard, HBD Hydraulic Bollard, RBD Hydraulic Bollard, TBD Hydraulic Bollard, Fixed (static) Bollard, HBD Fixed Bollard (shallow).
Came Ozak Bollard System
Technical Features HBD BOLLARD (Heavy Duty Model) *Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. 43 Hydraulic Cylinder Unit Heavy duty, double acting, electrostatic powder coated, dust sealed hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic Power Unit Strengthened industrial pump, 30-150 lt (depending on the number of bollards in the set to be fed) oil tank capacity with magnetic metal collector and particle filter. Built-in oil level and oil temperature indicators and oil level sensor with low oil level warning. 20-120 Bar (depending on the number of bollards in the set to be fed) pressure (max. 160 bar); 10mt R2 (double wire braided mesh) reinforced hydraulic hose. Interconnecting hoses for multiple bollard installations will be supplied. System Down, Up, Emergency and external sensor inputs/outputs (e.g. Loop Detector, Beam Detector, Signalization, Remote Control, etc.). System alerts with an audio signal during lowering and raising operation. A loud siren output in case of alarm or emergency. Can be lowered or raised automatically in case of emergency (user’s preference, optional at no cost), programmed to stop as standard. Can be lowered and raised manually in case of power failure or during the maintenance service with manual pump and manual discharge feature. Automatic raise up mode deploys (optionally with synchronized loop detector) the bollard after the vehicle has passed over. Power Unit Motor, hydraulic pump and solenoid valves are contained in an easily accessible hot-dip-galvanized and electrostatic powder painted cabinet with a built-in lock lid. (Opt. Stainless Steel Cabinet) Cabinet Dimensions: 1000 x 570 x 1200mm (W x L x H). Underground Structure Bollard Anchorage Casing: Ø338 / 420 mm steel casing hot dip galvanized and structured for maximum strength. Casing is designed so that no vehicle crashing effect can displace it after embedded or installed into the ground. Ground assembly is supported with bars. Hydraulic hose and cable entry openings enabling to use both of the directions as per hydraulic power unit position and site conditions. Designed for easy access to hydraulic hose and cable connections. Ground mounting plate with installation holes for bolt type easy ground fixing. Includes cut-out for connection of submersible pump for rainwater drainage. Main Housing: Ø324 / 406 mm hot dip galvanized steel, structured to provide main housing for the bollard cylinder. Bollard cylinder pivoted with and moves through replaceable 5 rails (inner railing) made of special non-metal and positioned with equal distances from each other for maximum rigidity and minimum material fraction. Contains the hydraulic cylinder lower connection. Thanks to the bollard anchorage casing, the main housing can be easily replaceable together with the bollard cylinder in case of a damage in any kind. Above Ground Structure Bollard Cylinder (impact blocking unit): Ø270 and 324 mm hot-dip galvanized steel pipe with 10 mm wall thickness and eccentrically 65-90 mm solid steel (providing higher resistance compared to pipes with 40 mm wall thickness) and composite infilled impact surface , colored with electrostatic powder coating in RAL9006 as standard (other RAL colors are optionally available). Demountable bollard top plate made of aluminum with 360° visible red flashing LED indicators. Furnished with red, white or yellow reflecting strips compliant to “E” standard. Special star-formed, vertical 10 mm solid steel infills for evenly distributed impact absorption. Bollard cylinder pivoted with and moves through replaceable 5 rails (outer railing) made of special non-metal and positioned with equal distances from each other for maximum rigidity and minimum material fraction. Contains the hydraulic cylinder upper connection. Road Surface Plate: 15 mm steel hot-dip galvanized, colored with electrostatic powder coating in RAL9006 (other RAL colors are optionally available). Easy disassembly by its bolt type connection. Dust sealant / wiper seal. Battery Back-up for Power-off Situation Contains battery unit with capacity of 60-100 movements at full charge (deploy/retract) is optionally available (minimum number of movements change according to the number of bollards in the system). Control System Manual Control Button Unit: Provided with an IP67 CRM yellow box and 10mt cable including 3 switches for downwards, upwards, stop (optional emergency operation), equipped with built-in LED visual indications. Compatibility with Access Control Systems: Compatible with any access control system (by third parties).

Optional Features and Accessories

Traffic Lights (red-green), Traffic Light Pole, Loop Detector (double/single antenna), Beam Detector, 220V, 110V motor, 24V DC for emergency situations in case of power failure, Remote Control (receiver and transmitter are 3 channels), UPS, Photocell Sensor (receiver+ transmitter with 50cm height pole), RB CONT. UNIT.V.001 Control Unit, Intercom, External Buttons, Emergency Submersible Pump, Hydraulic Accumulator for Emergency Fast Raise-up, Oil Cooler, Oil Heater, Heater for Electronic Components, Powered Audio Signal (siren),PLC Diagnostic Monitor, IP67 box (for PLC, SMPS, connectors etc inside power unit). Installation Easy Installation with C30 grade concrete and steel rebar reinforcement. Possible to install multiple units. In case of multiple unit installation, 1200mm gap between the bollards is recommended for M40 certified installations. For M50 certified installations; minimum 2 bollards shall be installed keeping the gap between bollards at 800 mm.