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مصنع من الفولاذ المجلفن المقاوم للصدأ

تتحمل حتى 50 طن

يعمل على كهرباء 220 فولت

السرعة : فى التشغيل القياسى تكون السرعه من 2.5 الى 6 ثانيه ( فى الصعود / النزول ) إعتماداً على ابعاد الوحدة

تتميز بسهولة التركيب

Power Standard 380V AC 3-Phase 50/60 Hz, 3,3 – 7,5 KvA motor (varies depending on blocker size).

Opt. 220V, 110V 1-Phase 50/60 Hz (for some models/sizes only), optionally 24V DC for emergency situations in case of power failure.

Control Pack 24V DC powered and PLC control unit is placed in power unit cabinet. Solenoids 24V DC (Ops.12V DC / 220V AC).

Speed Standard Operation ~2,5 – 6 sec. (ascend/descend) depending on unit dimensions.

Emergency raise up (upwards) by optional hydraulic accumulator ~1,5 sec. and may vary depending on unit dimensions.

IP Rating IP 55 – Hydraulic Power Unit, IP 67 – Electronics (optional), protection with housing/box, IP 68 – Hydraulic Piston

Crash / Impact Rating

M50 P1 (K-12) crash tested and certified (HRB 30 R 90) according to ASTM 2656-07, Designed and produced to withstand H30.

Battery Back-up for Power-off Situation Battery unit with capacity of min. 100 movements (50 deploy + 50 retract) when fully charged is optionally available.

Axle Load Resistance 50T Hydraulic Cylinder Unit Heavy duty, dust sealed electrostatic powder coated hydraulic cylinder.

Models between 1- 4 meter widths contain a single piston. (Double piston versions are optionally available for models with 3,5 & 4 meter widths).

Models between 4,5 – 6,5 meter widths contain double pistons. Cylinder unit features a safety valve against leakage and hose failure.

Hydraulic Power Unit Strengthened industrial pump, 40-120 lt oil tank capacity with magnetic metal collector and particle filter.

Built-in oil level and oil temperature sensor with low oil level warning. 70-100 Bar pressure; maximum running pressure is 150 Bar.

10 mt R2 (double wire braided mesh) reinforced hydraulic hose. 

Came Ozak Road Blocker

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