Magic Face 900
Magic Face 900

MAGIC FACE MF900 recognition systems are the most successful one among the improved algorithm of face recognition systems .

The reason why this brand is ahead is that it recognizes with additional attachments and sorting differences compared to the existing face recognition methods.

Our company, which is importing many models according to different usage purposes, recommends the most suitable face recognition device price for its customers according to the number of personnel, the light flow rate, the place of use, the passing density and the budget to be allocated for this process.

How to install face recognition systems?

Installation of face recognition systems device  is applied on the casing of turnstile or wall at the place of passing. Since face detection systems are IP based, they are connected to the closest switch with cat6.

The faces of the personnel that are allowed to pass are introduced to the device by admin. The device identifies an ID number for each recognized face.

These numbers are recorded in the personnel control system program with the person’s qualifications and personal information.

Now the system is ready to use and if the faces of the persons were defined to the face recognition device before, they can obtain passing authorization.

In which areas face recognition systems are used?

Especially ,Personnel control systems, turnstile access systems, door opening systems, cafeteria control systems, access control systems and member control systems, they are used in many areas.


Magic Face MF 900 model; It is one of the rare devices that combines face recognition, Fingerprint Reading, Card Reading and Password recognition.  Thanks to high-level security measures, it can scan the face in 3 dimensions. Thanks to this feature, it does not recognize the printed face.  The device also has a live body feature and can detect whether the face shown is alive or non-living.  It has a large 5 inch touch screen. It can detect faces up to 4 meters away and has a dual core processor.

Technical Specifications

Display:  5 inch TFT touch screen
User Capacity:  10,000 users
Face Recording Capacity:  10.000 face capacity
Fingerprint Recording Capacity:  10.000 fingerprints
Password Capacity:  10.000
Card Capacity:  10.000
Log Capacity:  160,000 logs
Wi – Fi Feature: It   can connect to wireless networks with WIFI .
Card Types:  125 kHz EM Proximity card
Recognition Types:  Face recognition , fingerprint, card, password
Speed:  under 0.2 seconds
Incorrect Acceptance:  <0.0001%
Incorrect Rejection:  <0.0001%
Processor:  Dual core
Work Light:  0-12000LUX
Recognition Distance:  Sensing distance up to 4 meters with special stereo dual sensor and illumination
Connection Type:  Wi-Fi ,  TCP / IP, USB host, USB slave, 1x relay, wiegand in & out
Trigger: It has a relay to open door, turnstile and barrier.
Standard Features:  255 Time Zone, Multi-identification Duress mode, Anti-passback
Voice Command:  32-bit Hi-Fi Turkish voice and sound indicator
Language:  Turkish and English voice
Operating Temperatures: Temperatures  between 0 and 40 degrees
Working Humidity Value:  20% to 80% humid areas