The IOC-16 Input/Output Controller is a part of the Axiom line of access control products from RBH. Its powerful design features address present and future access and security management needs with ease and efficiency. The IOC-16 has unmatched flexibility, monitoring, and control capabilities.
 Fully field configurable Allows any one of the 16 I/O ports to be used either as an input or an output. The flexible software options of the Axiom system allow any I/O port to be linked to any event, or programmed string of system-wide events, without any restriction.  Multiple levels of input supervision All input points can be individually configured for one of seven levels of supervision, ranging from no supervision to maximum security,dual resistor supervision.  Built-in fire signal supervision Designed to exceed all levels of safety considerations, the IOC-16 has an independent built-in fire signal safety release, together with an independent installer-selectable failsafe output release for mag-locks.
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Plug-in terminal connectors
  • Silk screened terminal legend
  • Twenty-eight on board diagnostic LED’s
  • Elevator Control
  • Built-in cabinet tamper
  • Rugged Metal Case
Power Requirements : 16.5 VAC 40VA transformer Current Consumption : 500 mA max (with all relays energized) Battery Charging Output :
  • Charging voltage 13.8 V regulated
  • Built-in deep discharge protection
Dynamic load test Back-up Battery : 12 V, 7 AH lead acid or gel cell Auxiliary Power Output : 12 V at 1 A (fused) Fuses (Supervised) Battery : Auxiliary power :AC power : 3A-1 A-3 A Inputs/Outputs : 16 I/O ports fully selectable as inputs or outputs Output Types : Up to 16 Form C relays, SPDT 2 A @ 30 VDC, dry contacts Input Types : Up to 16 supervised inputs
  • Fully programmable for 1, 2 or No End-of-Line Resistor (1K)
  • Analog Loop Resistance measurement and reporting
  • Dedicated Cabinet Tamper Switch input
  • Dedicated Fire Alarm input I/O
  • Cable : 20-22 AWG,  Type : 2 conductor
  • Distance :Max 1000 ft (300m) Communications : Designation : D-NET Network Type : RS485 high speed network Speed : 38,400 bits/second Ports : 2 x RS485 ports (fully supervised) Circuit Type : Ring (short or open circuit protection) Cable Requirement : Shielded, twisted pair, 20 – 22 AWG Cable Distance : 3,000 ft (900 m) between devices 15,000 ft (4,550 m) total

On-Board Diagnostics Status :

  • 16 x Input/Output Status LEDs
  • 1 x Fire Signal Status LED Comms :
  • 2 x RX, TX Communication LED
  • 1x Run LED
  • Power : 4 x On/Off Status LEDs
  • Fuses : 4 x Fuse Blown LEDs
  • Dimensions : 9.75″ H x 6.875″ W x 3.25″ D (25 x18 x 10 cm)
  • Operating Temperature : 0 to 70°C (35 -150°F)
  • Operating Humidity : 20 to 80% RH (non-condensing)