Tansa-Tripod Turnstiles
Tripod Turnstiles

TANSA Turnstiles Products Tripod Turnstiles can be used in different structures and purposes since they have been designed and manufactured for both outdoor and indoor use. They can be used for safe and practical passages inside the headquarters of the companies, plazas, factories, schools and ext.

Tansa Swing Gate Turnstiles
Swing Gate Turnstiles

TANSA Turnstiles Products Swing Gate Turnstiles are designed for personal and VIP passages. These motorized turnstiles are preferred for handicapped passages also.

Tansa Speed Gate Turnstiles
Speed Gate Turnstiles

Speed Gate Turnstiles are designed specially for indoor use, where prestige and luxury is important such as banks, holdings and plazas. These models enable architects and decorators to work with various types of designs for indoor use.

Tansa Full Height Turnstiles
Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles are designed to be used both indoor and outdoor such as stadiums, prisons and custody houses with high security requirements to ensure controlled passages. All the models are 2, 3 or 4 winged with straight or U shaped bars, which are combined with each other.

Quality Policy.

TANSA has been manufacturing and serving in turnstile sector since 1962.

TANSA; with its expert management team and personnel, commits to provide quality products and services to its customers by using high technology and modern engineering solutions and by satisfying all applicable requirements.

Our main goal is to understand the needs of our customers and all other partners, who are the reasons of our existence, and meet those needs in most correct and fastest way. One of the most critical factors for achieving this goal each and every time is, Quality Management System that operated through all our processes and one of the most important terms of it: Continuous Improvement. Another critical factor is, to achieve the Quality Targets that set to make the system effective. Running our business processes by methods that pay regard to security of all our partners and cares about environment, is an inseparable part of our sense of quality.

The basic element of our quality is our personnel, who adopted team spirit and are devoted and meticulous.

Our “Quality Policy” is announced with the training courses held within TANSA and is understood and practiced.