AVAX S200 Tripod Turnstile

AVAX S200 has a 100 V (AC) to 240 V (AC) power supply. With a maximum power consumption of 35 watts, our turnstile offers double-sided access. > The Tripod Turnstile with 44 OP protection levels has dimensions of 1000 mm x 220 mm x 980 mm. You can safely choose for access controls.

Avax S200 Drop Arm Turnstile device can work in harmony with cafeteria, access control, pdks programmes by connecting devices such as fingerprint, face recognition, card reader to the entry and exit sides.
The card reading device is built in to the internal reading sections on the turnstile for having an ergonomic and stylish appearance. It runs fully compatible with all Face recognition, Fingerprint recognition, Card recognition and Password devices with short circuit (Dry contact) feature .
With the Emergency Dropping Arm feature,in case of energy cut-off, signal coming from the fire alarm system or emergency situations it provides fast and safe evacuation by dropping down. With the Emergency Button connection you can release all passes. Button connection can be made for guest or VIP passes. By connecting the counter on the turnstile, the total number of passes per day can be obtained.

AVAX S200 Tripod Turnstile Technical Specifications

Transition Range:  ≤ 550 mm
Yield Ratio:  35 p / m
Power Supply:  100-240V / (ac)
Operating Voltage:  24 V / (ac)
Max Power Consumption:  35W
Frequency:  50-60 Hz
Protection Level:  > 44 IP
Operating Temperature:  -25 to +70 degrees
Dimensions without Rods:  1000 mm x 220 mm x 980 mm