Idemia SigmaLite+ Multi WR

Morpho Sigma Lite+ Multi Wr جهاز الحضور والإنصراف

     الفرنسية Morpho إحدى منتجات شركة

 التى تقدمها لكم شركة ستار تكنولوجي والذي يعد من أفضل أجهزة الحضور الفرنسية Morpho والإنصراف التى أنتجتها شركة


IdemiaIdemia Sigma Lite+ Multi Wr اجهزة حضور وانصراف

     الفرنسية Idemia إحدى منتجات شركة

 التى تقدمها لكم شركة ستار تكنولوجي والذي يعد من أفضل أجهزة الحضور الفرنسية Idemia والإنصراف التى أنتجتها شركة

 لما يحتويه من مميزات سنذكرها لكم 

يمكن توصيله بشبكة الكمبيوتر

يمكن توصيله لاسلكياً

بها شاشة تعمل بخاصية التاتش سكرين

بها أزرار وظائف 

 يسع حتى 500 موظف ويمكن زيادته إلى 3000 موظف

 يتحمل العوامل الجوية الخارجية

 يمكن التعامل معه عن طريق

POE يعمل على كهرباء 12 فولت ثابت و 750 مللى أمبير أو عن طريق 

Morpho SigmaLite+ Multi WR Access control, along with time and attendance recording, are key applications for many organizations. They need to be deployed in a wide variety of workplace environments, and often where space is at a premium. IDEMIA is helping organizations to meet those challenges with the Idemia MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite+. This range of slim, yet powerful fingerprint terminals offers high levels of performance with algorithms consistently ranked No. 1 by NIST1. Specifically designed for narrow mounting surfaces, the MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite Series broad model range can be used either indoors or outdoors, with IP652 and vandal resistant ratings available. The devices embed a web server enabling on-device enrollment, terminal configuration and transaction log retrieval. For scenarios requiring the use of contactless cards, the series also features multiple card reader options: Prox, iClass or MIFARE/DESFire/NFC. 1 National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S. Department of Commerce) 2 Protected against dust & against water spray from all directions

The SIGMA family welcomes new members!

Engineered with the same attention to detail and performance as their predecessor, the MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite terminals are specifically designed to equip narrow mounting surfaces, such as glass/aluminum door mullions, turnstiles, or server rack doors.

With two designs and multiple card reader options, there are a variety of models to address the widest range of deployment scenarios, both indoors and outdoors.
  • World’s #1 fingerprint technology inside: 1:10,000 user identification in 1 second
  • High capacity: 30,000 templates, 250,000 IDs in authorized user list, 1 Million logs
  • Anti-fraud features: fake finger detection, duress finger, timed anti-pass back
  • Flexibility: Prox®, iClass® or MIFARE®/DESFire®/NFC contactless card reader as an option
  • Embedded web server
  • Tough design: IP65 rated and vandal resistant (IK08)
  • Compatible with Morpho and Bioscrypt existing installations

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