MorphoWave Compact touchless Device

تقدم شركة ستار تكنولوجى جهاز MorphoWave Compact touchless Device  من  IDEMIA يمثل أحدث ما ابتكرته شركته IDEMIA من ضمن مجموعة أجهزتها القارئة بغرض التحكم في الوصول  البيومتري بدون تلامس.

تقدم هذه التحفة الهندسية كفاءة حائزة على الجوائز التي تمثل خير برهان على فعاليتها والتي تعمل بدون تلامس بتكنولوجيا بصمة الإصبع ثلاثية الأبعاد في جهاز أنيق مُثبت على الحائط ومناسب لأي موقع.


MorphoWave Compact touchless Device

MorphoWave Compact is 86% smaller than MorphoWave Tower, while retaining the same large scanning volume. It acquires four fingers in 3D for maximum accuracy, with one pass of the hand over the sensor. The ergonomic touchless operation delivers an unmatched combination of security, convenience and throughput. MorphoWave Compact’s reduced size comes with a very competitive cost of ownership, an IP65 rating and a rich feature set to ensure that users can now experience frictionless access everywhere…with a simple wave of the hand.

Frictionless access everywhere

IDEMIA MORPHOWAVE COMPACT is the newest addition to IDEMIA’s range of readers for frictionless biometric access control. This masterpiece of engineering delivers the award-winning, field-proven performance of MorphoWave contactless 3D fingerprint technology in a stylish and compact wall-mounted device, suitable for any location.

MorphoWave Compact touchless Device by IDEMIA:

– was awarded 1st place in the Security Industry Association, New Product Showcase (SIA NPS), “User Authentication, Identification, Credentialing & Management” category at ISC West 2018. – received an Innovative Product Award at Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2018.

Convenience & Security

Users are positively identified with a simple wave of the hand. The patented touchless sensor technology scans 4 fingers in 3D, ensuring the most accurate and reliable fingerprint matching for maximum security.

High Throughput

The reader’s high speed, touchless acquisition capability allows users to remain in motion while being identified. Faster access control and time & attendance transactions reduce overall costs and increase employee productivity.

Versatile, Easy Deployment

IP65 rated and PoE+ powered, the compact wall-mount reader ensures that MorphoWave technology can be deployed at every location. MorphoWave Compact is already integrated with more than 25 of the industry’s leading access control systems.

Multifactor Authentication

MorphoWave Compact natively supports Prox, iClass, MIFARE, DESFire cards and PIN code, in addition to biometrics. It is also capable of scanning QR codes for visitor management.


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