Nitgen UBio-X Face recognition

ستار تكنولوجى لانظمة التيار الخفيف تقدم جهاز بصمة الوجه الاول من نوعه فى العالم من انتاج شركة يونيون الكورية.

يستطيع الجهاز التعرف على بصمة الوجه من مسافة ثلاثة امتار كما يمكنه العمل فى الاجواء الخارجية بدرجة حماية IP65

يمكن الجهاز تخزين عشرون الف بصمة وجه كما يمكنه تخزين عشرة ملايين حركة.


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  • biometric: Face
  • Dust & Waterproof: IP65
  • CPU: Cortex-A9 Quad Core 1.0GHz
  • Memory: 2GB RAM + 16GB Flash Memory
  • Display: 5”Color Touch Screen
  • Interface: External I/O, TCP/IP, RS-232, RS-485, Wiegand, PoE (Optional),HID Prox, iClass (Optional)
  • Dimension: (W x H x D) mm 94 x 224 x 35.5.
  • Application fields: Construction Sites, Medical Centers, Religious Facilities, Events and Commercial Facility.
  • Capacity: Up to 500,000 Users (1Card : 1User)
  • Up to 20,000 Users (1Face : 1User) Face 1:20,000 < 1sec Event Logs : 10,000,000 Photo Logs : 20,000


Nitgen UBio-X Face recognition

The Latest Face Recognition Algorithm Technology

Supporting Walk-Through and Multiple Face Authentication.

Nitgen UBio-X Face recognition  supports a deep learning algorithm and a face authentication from a distance up to 3 meters and maximum 4 people at the same time when users walk through gates.

Contactless Solution for a New Era with Liveness Face Detection and Anti-Spoofing Function.

UBio-X Face recognition meets the needs of user liveness detection even wearing a mask, and prevents attempts with fake faces such as 3D face mask, face photo, and face printed paper.

36°C Accurate Temperature Detection with Thermal Camera and Thermal Module.

UBio-X Face can detect face temperature and identify a user’s face at the same time. Therefore, it accurately determines the information of the accessing user. When users are not wearing mask, UBio-X Face warns user to wear mask.

Temperature control Safe, Easy and Convenience.

With the highest level of device security, UBio-X Face encrypts biometric credentials and user information and sends all the information to a server. It also allows users to enroll by taking a photo with a smartphone and uploading it to the server remotely. Supports Various Installation Environments. UBio-X Face can authenticate faces in a low-light or dark environment through the IR recognition technology and its auxiliary lighting. With IP65 rating, UBio-X Face supports both indoor and outdoor use, and supports POE (Optional) and various installation environment.    


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